What do we send?

A container that we send would include things like medicines, medical equipment and aids, food, clothing, vehicles, building material, furniture, mattresses, sewing machines, children’s vests and baby layettes.

Often it also includes items to support the gospel work with Bibles, books and other literature plus printing materials to print books, courses locally.

Plus any other items that are required by our partners in the other ministries associated with the hospitals and clinics.

Where do we send?We continue to make a valuable contribution in shipping these supplies to our partners in the following countries:




Shipments 2022

Find out about our container ministry over the past year.

Shipments during 2022

Shipments 2021

Find out all about the shipments sent from MMN over during 2021.

Shipments during 2021

Shipments 2020

Find out all about the shipments sent from MMN over during 2020.

Shipments during a pandemic

Donated Items

We are grateful for the donations of goods and equipment that we receive in response to the specific needs requested by our overseas partners. To find out what items are useful and how to pack them, please click below.

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