Katie Lucy19 Apr 2024
Katie & Lucy's medical elective

A look into how Katie and Lucy got on with their time serving with Missions Africa in Kenya.

Picture1219 Dec 2023
Good New Hospital - Children's Outreach

A look into the holiday club outreach from the hospital.

Picture313 Dec 2023
Good News Hospital - Gospel Outreach

A look into gospel opportunities at the hospital.

Picture66 Dec 2023
Good News Hospital - Maternity Wing

A look into the work being done to expand the maternity unit at the hospital in Madagascar.

20210516 15572129 Nov 2023
Chavuma Hospital - Support for Patients

A look at some of the ways the hospital offers support to its community.

Thumbnail IMG 488814 Nov 2023
Medical Electives - Amina & Caroline

A look at their experience serving at Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand.

Clay banks 2 WH Fw6s Rs Zw unsplash 12 Nov 2023
'Fill your heart with things from above'

A look into what the Bible says about our hope for the future.

Baby at chavuma1 Nov 2023
Chavuma Hospital - Maternal Care

A look at the maternal care offered through this rural mission hospital in Zambia.

Nyangombe11 Oct 2023
Nyangombe - Conference 2023

A look into the conferences held at Nyangombe to encourage churches from different districts.

VHHI743727 Sep 2023
Chitokoloki - Influence in local community

A look at the way the hospital acts as a hub of support to the local community.

Stuart Ferguson at Chit20 Sep 2023
Chitokoloki - Medical Marathons

The team share about medical marathons run at the hospital to make the most of the time of visiting specialist medics.

DOSB1039 213 Sep 2023
Chitokoloki - Gospel Outreach

The team share about the opportunities opened up at the hospital for sharing the gospel with patients.