Angola container 24 Jun 2021
Angolan Literature Fund

An update from the ALF about the work they have been doing over the past year and ways we can be praying.

Microsoft Teams image 4213 May 2021
Shipments early 2021

Find out more about the projects we have been sending to overseas.

Shining Star peer educator training 20208 Apr 2021
Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe

The latest update from ACET, showing how the Shining Star project has helped to remove women from the sex trade over the past year.

Chit JR6 Apr 2021
Prayer Needs from Chitokoloki

The latest update from Julie-Rachel about what has been happening at Chitokoloki Hospital and what we can be praying for.

Christian erfurt sx Qz2 Vfo FBE unsplasha25 Mar 2021
Disability is not punishment - Psalm 145: 8-9

The final in our devotions focusing on disability, emphasising that God uses things in our life for good and not as punishment for bad.

Victor freitas B0z AP Sr Ec Fw unsplasha22 Mar 2021
God's Power In Healing - Mark 8: 23-25

The ninth in our devotionals focusing on disability, looking at the healing powers of God.

Liane metzler Y1 Byv AGQ5i E unsplasha4 Mar 2021
The Eternal Matters More - 2 Corinth 4: 17-18

The eighth in our devotionals focusing on disability, encouraging us to focus on the eternal rather than the present.

Julie Rachel3 Mar 2021
Update from Chitokoloki

The latest newsletter from Julie-Rachel concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia and how Chitokoloki hospital need our prayers.

1st TG Church2 Mar 2021
Making Darkness into Light

A look into the work of Vision for Bangladesh, who support those living in extremely poor situations who require eye treatment.

Pexels amine msiouri 2050590a25 Feb 2021
Perfected in Weakness - 2 Corinth. 12:9-10

The seventh in our devotionals focusing on disability, a great encouragement to know that 'when we are weak, then we are made strong'.

DSC 0350 2015 10 06 04 51 41 UT Ca23 Feb 2021
From Sibling to Parent

A very real and honest account from Jasmine Tell of RICD, Thailand, about her experience of disability in her family and how it has impacted her life.

Tobias tullius 9xxj Ay C Yd TM unsplasha18 Feb 2021
Endurance - Rom. 5: 3-5

The sixth of our devotionals on disability, focusing on enduring through suffering and focusing on the eternal rather than the difficulties we face now.