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The Power of God - John 9:2-4

The first of our disability devotionals, looking deeper into what the Bible says about disability.

Sharing the gospel11 Jan 2021
Gospel opportunities

Sharing the good news with patients

Man signing8 Jan 2021
#MMN Focus - Disability

Introducing the first quarterly theme of MMN, where we will explore partners around the world working in the disability sector.

Malawi schoolchildren7 Jan 2021
Lifeline Malawi

An update from the staff at Lifeline Malawi in preparing for COVID, new medical ventures and coping with difficult situations.

Global Conference 2020 delegates JPG sm10 Dec 2020
The Network of PRIME

An overview of who Partnerships in International Medical Education are, and how they are changing lives for Jesus around the world.

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An Update from ABC Health Foundation

Find out the latest news from the ABC Health Foundation, Albania.

Cambodia flooding19 Nov 2020
Flooding in Cambodia

Cambodia has seen some of its worst flooding in many years, read the update from Cambodia Action here.

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Mission work in Angola

An honest look into the lives of mission workers Brian & Debbie Howden, serving in Angola.

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Giving Back Hope

A look into the work of Vision for China who offer support to marginalised groups of society in a variety of different ways.

Blog Zimbabwe5 Nov 2020
Provision for those in need

Roger Prime from Zimbabwe Partnership Trust gives an insight into the work they're doing in the local communities to provide healthcare to those in need.

Thumbnail Client photo Marina and baby3 Nov 2020
Turning Lives Around

One story of a woman's life who has been changed thanks to the work of Mother's Heart Organisation, Cambodia.

Clinic for blind28 Oct 2020
Helping the blind

Emanuel Clinic are looking for ways to support the most needy during the pandemic