Heart of Mercy Nina22 Jun 2022
Accomplish - A visit with the Heart of Mercy Team

The team share a testimonial from Julian Watson who was able to do some visits with the Heart of Mercy team.

Accomplish goat project15 Jun 2022
Accomplish - Sustainability Project

The team share about the projects they have developed to try and make communities live more independently.

Accomplish wheelchair8 Jun 2022
Accomplish - Access to Wheelchairs

The team share the need for wheelchairs and the impact it can make in a child's life.

Accomplish togetherness31 May 2022
Accomplish - Support for Disabled Children

We hear about the work Heart of Mercy are doing to support disabled children in the local community.

Dancu bakery25 May 2022
Breadline - Dancu Village supports Ukrainian refugees

The team share about the work being done to support Ukrainian refugees and make them part of their community.

Emanuel refugee18 May 2022
Breadline - Emanuel Clinic supports Ukrainian refugees

A look into the work of Emanuel Clinic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

David sinclair Jrzz1tymfgc unsplasha10 May 2022
Breadline - Opportunities to share the Gospel

The team at Dancu Village share about ways they have been able to share the gospel with those in the community.

Artis kancs 9g Ci Hbq A0 U unsplasha3 May 2022
Breadline - Provision when needed

The team share of a couple who desperately needed support with the cost of healthcare.

IMG 8128a27 Apr 2022
Vision for Bangladesh - The Future

The team discuss potential changes for the future and areas for prayer.

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Vision for Bangladesh - A Desperate Need

The team discuss the vital need for eyecare in Bangladesh as so many face potential blindness if conditions go untreated.

IMG 8021a12 Apr 2022
Vision for Bangladesh - Care for children

Insight into the work the team do to care for children who are malnourished and assess their eye needs.

IMG 8149 2a6 Apr 2022
Vision for Bangladesh - Insight into Assessments

An introduction to the teams work assessing eyesight of those living in the Tea Gardens of Bangladesh.