322 Aug 2023
Medical Elective - Tristan

Find out how Tristan got on during his medical elective in Tanzania.

IMG 608718 Jul 2023
Medical Elective - Katy

A look at Katy's time serving in Nepal.

PXL 20230506 07561967424 Jul 2023
Medical Elective - Ross

Find out how Ross got on with his medical elective in Papua New Guinea.

228 Jul 2020
Faith That Can Move Mountains

Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) Nigeria share testimonies from those who found Jesus despite the oppressive circumstances they found themselves in.

Matthew cant17 Apr 2020
A Reflection on Medical Mission

Matthew Cant, a medical student, shares his experience of working at a mission hospital.

IMG 096414 Apr 2020
CMF - Global Track Programme

A look into the programme available to medical students who want to serve overseas.

Felix edited 111 Sep 2019
God's calling to be a doctor

The story of how God has been working in the life of Felix Chibwe in Zambia

MYXJ 20181112213527 save 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f0411 Sep 2019
Doctor in training

Read about a student doctor we are helping from Chad.