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Medical Missionary NewsMMN seek to make Jesus known through supporting Christian mission as they bring relief from disease, sickness and suffering in various parts of the world.

MMN Update

Find out the latest focuses of MMN and how we have been supporting projects around the world.
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COVID-19 Response

Find out more about how your support made a huge impact in how projects across the world were able to support those desperately in need during the global pandemic.

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MMN Disability Focus

Find out about our latest focus where we highlighted the needs of projects working in the disability sector.

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Prayer Needs

Get regular prayer updates and information about MMN on our Facebook page.

Find out how to get involved in supporting medical mission around the world.

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“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”

— William Carey


Read the latest updates from our partners around the world.
Shining Star peer educator training 20208 Apr 2021
Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe

The latest update from ACET, showing how the Shining Star project has helped to remove women from the sex trade over the past year.

Chit JR6 Apr 2021
Prayer Needs from Chitokoloki

The latest update from Julie-Rachel about what has been happening at Chitokoloki Hospital and what we can be praying for.

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Disability is not punishment - Psalm 145: 8-9

The final in our devotions focusing on disability, emphasising that God uses things in our life for good and not as punishment for bad.

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God's Power In Healing - Mark 8: 23-25

The ninth in our devotionals focusing on disability, looking at the healing powers of God.

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The Eternal Matters More - 2 Corinth 4: 17-18

The eighth in our devotionals focusing on disability, encouraging us to focus on the eternal rather than the present.

Julie Rachel3 Mar 2021
Update from Chitokoloki

The latest newsletter from Julie-Rachel concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia and how Chitokoloki hospital need our prayers.