Next to Nadia housea28 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Future Challenges

The team share about challenges that lie ahead, especially with the huge increase in living costs.

Childaid refugee14 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Supporting children facing trauma

ChildAid have tried to bring support and distraction to children facing trauma with the awful things they have witnessed through war.

Unknown 29 Dec 2022
Breadline - Ukraine refugee update

A look at the current situation with refugees from Ukraine and how they are being supported.

PHOTO 2022 03 28 16 28 546 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Russian invasion of Ukraine

A look into the response of ChildAid after Ukraine was invaded and how they have supported children and families.

GOPR1054a29 Nov 2022
1toAnother - Pray for flood response

Please be praying for flood victims and the teams supporting them with the winter months approaching.

1to Another22 Nov 2022
1toAnother Flood Response

As Pakistan was hit by immense flooding in August, the 1toAnother team responded immediately to try and support communities.

1to Another relief2 Nov 2022
1toAnother - Flood Relief

A look into the origins of 1toAnother and how they felt the call to support flood victims.

IMG 20221004 WA00164 Oct 2022
Redemption Village - Responding to the Floods January 2022

We begin by looking at the teams' response to the floods in Malawi earlier this year.

Dancu bakery25 May 2022
Breadline - Dancu Village supports Ukrainian refugees

The team share about the work being done to support Ukrainian refugees and make them part of their community.

Emanuel refugee18 May 2022
Breadline - Emanuel Clinic supports Ukrainian refugees

A look into the work of Emanuel Clinic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Cambodia flooding19 Nov 2020
Flooding in Cambodia

Cambodia has seen some of its worst flooding in many years, read the update from Cambodia Action here.

Tai s captures Lhb zw Q QGI unsplash6 Oct 2020
Responding to COVID-19

Find out more about how our partners have been responding to COVID-19, the support they have offered and how donations have been used to change lives for the better.