Blind pupils at St Agnes 2019a22 Feb 2023
Accomplish - Ongoing challenges

A look at the impact the past few years have had on the work of RAPCD schools.

Jeremiah 2020a13 Feb 2023
Accomplish - RAPCD & Changing Lives

A look into how lives of deaf and blind children have been changed through the work of RAPCD schools.

Solanje 38 Feb 2023
Accomplish - RAPCD & Bible Teaching

RAPCD schools not only provide an education, but also provide students with an understanding of the Bible.

2 RAPCD Braille 02 12a31 Jan 2023
Accomplish - The start of RAPCD schools

A look into how RAPCD schools for blind and deaf children started in Africa.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Future Challenges

A look at the year ahead and challenges currently facing the Vision for Bangladesh team.

DSC 091417 Jan 2023
Vision for Bangladesh - Camps

We hear how the team have been supporting the Tea Garden communities over the past year and how they offer support.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Current Challenges

The team share about the current challenges they face, and how we can be praying.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Beginnings

A look into how the work of Vision Bangladesh started and the impact it has had.

Little lighthouse21 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Little Lighthouse Project

A look into the rehabilitation work done with disabled children through the Little Lighthouse project.

Giving thanks for the food GO23 Aug 2022
Vision for China - Green Olive Home

The team share some updates about Green Olive Home and opportunities for community support.

Biblestudy GO a23 Aug 2022
Vision for China - Warriors House

The team share some prayer requests from the Warriors House project.

LY well of Lovea16 Aug 2022
Vision for China - Well of Love

The team share about creating opportunities to integrate those living with a disability into community life.