MALAWI UPDATE MAY2022 222 325 Oct 2022
Redemption Village - Hope Village

Janet shares about the work through Hope Village in skills development, and how the team caring for children are allowing them to go on to lead independent lives.

Malawi 3a18 Oct 2022
Redemption Village - God's Provision

Janet this week shares about provision for those the team are supporting and how God's hand was over the situation.

Aida11 Oct 2022
Redemption Village - Giving Hope

Janet shares some stories of those the team have been able to support who are facing very challenging circumstances.

Shining star13 Sep 2022
Shining Star - Skill Development

The team share about opportunities for teaching new skills to those looking to try and find new employment.

Shining Star peer educator training 20206 Sep 2022
Shining Star - Peer Educators

The team give an update on the work being done through peer educators and the vast numbers of girls and women being reached through this method.

Clinic 221 Jul 2022
We treat but God heals - Visit to Shelter of Hope

Grev had the privilege of visiting Ishmael & Molina Ochieng to see the work of Shelter of Hope. MMN have been supporting their ministry for 15 years so it was great to see the different aspects of their work and exciting to hear what God is doing the ministry.

Accomplish togetherness children28 Jun 2022
Accomplish - Challenges and requests for prayer

Our month of focusing on Accomplish finishes with challenges and items to be praying for as the project looks to the future.

Heart of Mercy Nina22 Jun 2022
Accomplish - A visit with the Heart of Mercy Team

The team share a testimonial from Julian Watson who was able to do some visits with the Heart of Mercy team.

Accomplish goat project15 Jun 2022
Accomplish - Sustainability Project

The team share about the projects they have developed to try and make communities live more independently.

Accomplish togetherness31 May 2022
Accomplish - Support for Disabled Children

We hear about the work Heart of Mercy are doing to support disabled children in the local community.

Dancu bakery25 May 2022
Breadline - Dancu Village supports Ukrainian refugees

The team share about the work being done to support Ukrainian refugees and make them part of their community.

Emanuel refugee18 May 2022
Breadline - Emanuel Clinic supports Ukrainian refugees

A look into the work of Emanuel Clinic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.