2023 09 27scabies hands w and woa26 Jun 2024
Reaching behind bars - Sunrise

A look into the support Sunrise are offering to inmates and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Acet nigeria24 May 2023
ACET Nigeria - Better Parenting Training & Outreach

A look at how the team encourage parents as they raise their children in a wholesome environment.

ACET Nigeria staff member carrying out a HIV test in Nasarawa Statea16 May 2023
ACET Nigeria - HIV Community Outreach & Support

A look into the services the team offers in terms of education and HIV testing services.

Training 210 May 2023
ACET Nigeria - Esteem Clubs

A look into the outreach done through Esteem clubs and the training they offer.

Acet hiv testing 23 May 2023
ACET Nigeria - Recovering from the pandemic

A look at the way COVID has had a positive impact in building a relationship with the local government.

Training26 Apr 2023
Shining Star - Discipleship and Counselling

A look at how the team teach girls and women in their communities about God and offer counselling support.

Shining star19 Apr 2023
Shining Star - Business and Vocational Skills Training

A look into how the team allow women to leave the sex trade for good and live more independently in a healthy environment.

Shining star4 Apr 2023
Shining Star - Turning Lives Around

A look at the impact the team have had in bringing women out of the sex trade in Zimbabwe.

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Transforming Lives Today - Prayer for the year ahead

The team summarise their prayer needs for the coming year.

IMG 9056a15 Mar 2023
Transforming Lives Today - Saving Lives

The team discuss how they provide healthcare to communities who would otherwise have no access to health provision.

Distributing medicine7 Mar 2023
Transforming Lives Today - Medical Supply

A huge issue for poorer communities in India is access to medicine - the TLT team talk about their provision of medical supplies and examinations.

Tlt camp1 Mar 2023
Transforming Lives Today - Medical Camps

A look into the work of Transforming Lives Today and their support towards poor communities in India by running medical camps.