ABC medical conf5 Jan 2022
ABC Medical Conference

An update from the team about the opportunity to run a medical conference, attended by both believers and non-believers.

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Life at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital

The latest update from the Fergusons giving a taste of what life is like to serve at a mission hospital in Zambia.

IMG 897529 Jun 2021
Shelter of Hope Medical Clinic

Find out more about the medical work of Shelter of Hope and the impact they have had over the past year.

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Shipments early 2021

Find out more about the projects we have been sending to overseas.

Chit JR6 Apr 2021
Prayer Needs from Chitokoloki

The latest update from Julie-Rachel about what has been happening at Chitokoloki Hospital and what we can be praying for.

Julie Rachel3 Mar 2021
Update from Chitokoloki

The latest newsletter from Julie-Rachel concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia and how Chitokoloki hospital need our prayers.

Sharing the gospel11 Jan 2021
Gospel opportunities

Sharing the good news with patients

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An Update from ABC Health Foundation

Find out the latest news from the ABC Health Foundation, Albania.

Clinic for blind28 Oct 2020
Helping the blind

Emanuel Clinic are looking for ways to support the most needy during the pandemic

Children ward28 Sep 2020
Floods hit Kisiizi Hospital

Please pray for the hospital as it clears up after being flooded

Hospital construction28 Sep 2020
Christian Faith Hospital

New hospital going up to help the local community

Chit10 Jul 2020
Remaining Faithful During a Pandemic

Felix Chibwe, who is currently doing his final year of research at Chitokoloki Hospital, has been able to use his skills during the pandemic.