1st TG Church2 Mar 2021
Making Darkness into Light

A look into the work of Vision for Bangladesh, who support those living in extremely poor situations who require eye treatment.

Pexels amine msiouri 2050590a25 Feb 2021
Perfected in Weakness - 2 Corinth. 12:9-10

The seventh in our devotionals focusing on disability, a great encouragement to know that 'when we are weak, then we are made strong'.

DSC 0350 2015 10 06 04 51 41 UT Ca23 Feb 2021
From Sibling to Parent

A very real and honest account from Jasmine Tell of RICD, Thailand, about her experience of disability in her family and how it has impacted her life.

Tobias tullius 9xxj Ay C Yd TM unsplasha18 Feb 2021
Endurance - Rom. 5: 3-5

The sixth of our devotionals on disability, focusing on enduring through suffering and focusing on the eternal rather than the difficulties we face now.

Alasdair elmes UL Hx Wq8reao unsplasha12 Feb 2021
Our responsibility - Luke 14: 12-14

The fifth of our devotionals on disability, looking at where our responsibilities lie and what we should be prioritising in life.

Gwendal cottin hjh44mbw Cyg unsplasha4 Feb 2021
Treat everyone with care - Deut. 27: 18-19

The fourth of our devotionals on disability, exploring what the Bible says about our responsibility and following Jesus' example.

Brett jordan C Do KL Qe U Hyk unsplasha28 Jan 2021
Trusting God's Plans - Proverbs 3:5-6

The third of our devotionals on disability, when things don't go according to our plans it is difficult to see God at work, yet He has a plan in everything.

Quino al zj L2nf Ioq3 U unsplasha21 Jan 2021
Fearfully & wonderfully made - Psalm 139:13-14

The second of our devotionals on disability, exploring what it means to be made by God.

Ricardo soria Rf Aq8 KE Whp M unsplasha14 Jan 2021
The Power of God - John 9:2-4

The first of our disability devotionals, looking deeper into what the Bible says about disability.

Sharing the gospel11 Jan 2021
Gospel opportunities

Sharing the good news with patients

Man signing8 Jan 2021
#MMN Focus - Disability

Introducing the first quarterly theme of MMN, where we will explore partners around the world working in the disability sector.

Malawi schoolchildren7 Jan 2021
Lifeline Malawi

An update from the staff at Lifeline Malawi in preparing for COVID, new medical ventures and coping with difficult situations.