Amelia Helping Hands9 Aug 2023
Somos Nos - Gospel Opportunities

This blog post shares some wonderful opportunities of sharing the gospel with people.

20200313 103654 S2 Aug 2023
Somos Nos - Impact

An overview of the impact the team have had over the past year.

DSC01630a26 Jul 2023
Stronger Together - Mentoring

A look into the work involved in inspiring young people to get involved in working with those living with a disability.

Stronger together 2 219 Jul 2023
Stronger Together - Collaborating

Read of how the project ran its first event alongside a church to offer to support to those who attended.

IMG 608718 Jul 2023
Medical Elective - Katy

A look at Katy's time serving in Nepal.

20160504 06312 Jul 2023
Stronger Together - Adapting

A look into how churches are adapting to make their buildings more accommodating for those living with a disability.

RICD team5 Jul 2023
Stronger Together - Equipping

A look into how the Stronger Together/RICD team are equipping national believers to support those living with a disability.

PXL 20230506 07561967424 Jul 2023
Medical Elective - Ross

Find out how Ross got on with his medical elective in Papua New Guinea.

F1228 Jun 2023
Kagando Hospital - Prayer for the future

The team share prayer and praise items for the hospital.

Kagando21 Jun 2023
Kagando Hospital - Rwenzori Women for Health

A look into the project the hospital run to reach women in the local area.

F1014 Jun 2023
Kagando Hospital - Nutritional Support

A look into the work done through nutritional sessions and the baby room at the hospital.

Kagando 26 Jun 2023
Kagando Hospital - Affordable Healthcare

A look at how the hospital are subsidising healthcare costs to give more of the community access to good quality healthcare.