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Vision for Bangladesh - Beginnings

A look into how the work of Vision Bangladesh started and the impact it has had.

Next to Nadia housea28 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Future Challenges

The team share about challenges that lie ahead, especially with the huge increase in living costs.

Little lighthouse21 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Little Lighthouse Project

A look into the rehabilitation work done with disabled children through the Little Lighthouse project.

Childaid refugee14 Dec 2022
ChildAid - Supporting children facing trauma

ChildAid have tried to bring support and distraction to children facing trauma with the awful things they have witnessed through war.

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Breadline - Ukraine refugee update

A look at the current situation with refugees from Ukraine and how they are being supported.

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ChildAid - Russian invasion of Ukraine

A look into the response of ChildAid after Ukraine was invaded and how they have supported children and families.

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1toAnother - Pray for flood response

Please be praying for flood victims and the teams supporting them with the winter months approaching.

1to Another22 Nov 2022
1toAnother Flood Response

As Pakistan was hit by immense flooding in August, the 1toAnother team responded immediately to try and support communities.

1to Another eyecare15 Nov 2022
1toAnother - Development in Eyecare

The team share about the opportunities opening at Victoria Memorial Hospital to offer eyecare services.

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1toAnother - Victoria Memorial Hospital

The team share how they wanted to provide medical care to their local community and the creation of Victoria Memorial Hospital.

1to Another relief2 Nov 2022
1toAnother - Flood Relief

A look into the origins of 1toAnother and how they felt the call to support flood victims.

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Redemption Village - Hope Village

Janet shares about the work through Hope Village in skills development, and how the team caring for children are allowing them to go on to lead independent lives.