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ABC FoundationMedical Centre

Seeking to provide medical care that is of good quality and affordable to all who need it.

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Abc behie
ABC - Palliative Care

The team share some thoughts from their first Palliative Care Student Volunteer.

Roadside entrance to palliative care centre 2
ABC - Developing Faith of Medical Staff

The team share Dr Enkeleda's testimony and the impact of faith-developing ministry at ABC Foundation.

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ABC - Outreach with churches

The team share about their work with local churches to reach the local community with healthcare services.

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ABC Foundation - Training Opportunities

This week the team share about some recent opportunities they have had through healthcare training.

ABC medical conf
ABC Medical Conference

An update from the team about the opportunity to run a medical conference, attended by both believers and non-believers.

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An Update from ABC Health Foundation

Find out the latest news from the ABC Health Foundation, Albania.