What impact will your donation make?

Children living with a disability in Africa are seen as an issue, or even a curse, and are hidden away in a back room. For those living in Uganda, at least 1 in 10 die before their fifth birthday.

Each of the projects we are raising support for provide both practical and pastoral support to teach both these children and their communities, that they are gift from God and are to be valued in society.

Find out below how your donation will make a big impact to them...
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The Helping Hands team in Mozambique are continuously expanding their work and travelling to children further afield. Your donation will help the team to be able to support more children, and £300 can buy a new wheelchair for a child.

Ramp to health centrea

The team have just opened a new medical facility to provide affordable healthcare and support to the local community. Your donation will go towards enabling more disabled children to receive medical treatment that they would otherwise be denied.

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The team in Zambia provide both treatment and ongoing support for children with disabilities, including physiotherapy and training for families Your donation could buy an artificial limb for a child and the provision of physiotherapy.

How will my donation be spent?Below you can see how the donations will be divided into categories of provision. After the campaign finishes, we will be providing a follow-up report of the impact these funds have had in the lives of these disabled children.
Arm in splint£2,000

Enable children to receive medical care to improve their mobility including artificial limbs


Provision of wheelchairs and mobility aids

20210426 112535£400

Provision of PPE and medical supplies to ensure safety of staff and patients


Enable the family support groups to run to help and give hope to children and their families