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Next to Nadia housea
ChildAid - Future Challenges

The team share about challenges that lie ahead, especially with the huge increase in living costs.

Little lighthouse
ChildAid - Little Lighthouse Project

A look into the rehabilitation work done with disabled children through the Little Lighthouse project.

Childaid refugee
ChildAid - Supporting children facing trauma

ChildAid have tried to bring support and distraction to children facing trauma with the awful things they have witnessed through war.

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Breadline - Ukraine refugee update

A look at the current situation with refugees from Ukraine and how they are being supported.

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ChildAid - Russian invasion of Ukraine

A look into the response of ChildAid after Ukraine was invaded and how they have supported children and families.

Abc behie
ABC - Palliative Care

The team share some thoughts from their first Palliative Care Student Volunteer.

Roadside entrance to palliative care centre 2
ABC - Developing Faith of Medical Staff

The team share Dr Enkeleda's testimony and the impact of faith-developing ministry at ABC Foundation.

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ABC - Outreach with churches

The team share about their work with local churches to reach the local community with healthcare services.

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ABC Foundation - Training Opportunities

This week the team share about some recent opportunities they have had through healthcare training.

Dancu bakery
Breadline - Dancu Village supports Ukrainian refugees

The team share about the work being done to support Ukrainian refugees and make them part of their community.

Emanuel refugee
Breadline - Emanuel Clinic supports Ukrainian refugees

A look into the work of Emanuel Clinic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Breadline - Opportunities to share the Gospel

The team at Dancu Village share about ways they have been able to share the gospel with those in the community.

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Breadline - Provision when needed

The team share of a couple who desperately needed support with the cost of healthcare.

ABC medical conf
ABC Medical Conference

An update from the team about the opportunity to run a medical conference, attended by both believers and non-believers.

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An Update from ABC Health Foundation

Find out the latest news from the ABC Health Foundation, Albania.

Clinic for blind
Helping the blind

Emanuel Clinic are looking for ways to support the most needy during the pandemic

IMG 0964
CMF - Global Track Programme

A look into the programme available to medical students who want to serve overseas.

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Open doors in Moldova

CMIAid highlight the opportunities God is opening up to share the gospel in this needy country.

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Visit to Vulcan

Report from Dr Christine Sansom of a trip to help the work of Aurora Christian Association in Romania.

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Reaching out to refugees

See how a church in Bosnia is seeking to support the refugees in their community as part of their outreach work.