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Accomplish Children’s TrustEducation

Providing children with necessary tools for education to give them a place in society

Cress uganda
CRESSCommunity outreach

Creating sustainable living in Uganda for communities to have a consistent supply of food, education, healthcare and access to the gospel.

Kagando HospitalMission Hospital

Improving the lives of the poor and disadvantaged people in this district.

Kisiizi HospitalMission Hospital

Providing constant help over the years despite adversity.

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Special Children's TrustMedical Support

Providing support to families of disabled children.

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Kagando Hospital - Prayer for the future

The team share prayer and praise items for the hospital.

Kagando Hospital - Rwenzori Women for Health

A look into the project the hospital run to reach women in the local area.

Kagando Hospital - Nutritional Support

A look into the work done through nutritional sessions and the baby room at the hospital.

Kagando 2
Kagando Hospital - Affordable Healthcare

A look at how the hospital are subsidising healthcare costs to give more of the community access to good quality healthcare.

Blind pupils at St Agnes 2019a
Accomplish - Ongoing challenges

A look at the impact the past few years have had on the work of RAPCD schools.

Jeremiah 2020a
Accomplish - RAPCD & Changing Lives

A look into how lives of deaf and blind children have been changed through the work of RAPCD schools.

Solanje 3
Accomplish - RAPCD & Bible Teaching

RAPCD schools not only provide an education, but also provide students with an understanding of the Bible.

Global Conference 2020 delegates JPG sm
The Network of PRIME

An overview of who Partnerships in International Medical Education are, and how they are changing lives for Jesus around the world.

Children ward
Floods hit Kisiizi Hospital

Please pray for the hospital as it clears up after being flooded

How Covid-19 has affected Uganda

An update from Kisiizi Hospital after preparations were put in place to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Matthew cant
A Reflection on Medical Mission

Matthew Cant, a medical student, shares his experience of working at a mission hospital.

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Special Children's Trust

Reaching out to the disabled in Uganda.