Related Projects

Chavuma HospitalMission Hospital

A small hospital to serve many in the local area.

Chitokoloki HospitalMission Hospital

Serving both locals and those who travel from all areas of Zambia for medical assistance.

Dipalata HospitalMission Hospital

Serving the rural community of the Lunda people in the provision of healthcare.

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Loloma HospitalMission Hospital

Providing healthcare to the local community

Lunga Childrens TrustOrphan Support

Caring for young orphaned children.

Mambilima MissionMission School

From small beginnings and a great history, numerous children now receive an education.

Musenga 2
Musenga MissionMedical Support

Offering medical attention and resources to those in need.

Nyangombe clinic
Nyangombe MissionCommunity Support

Providing medical and educational support to those in this rural setting.

Renewed hope
Renewed Hope Children's VillageCommunity Support

Caring for orphans and disadvantaged children.

SachibonduMedical Support

Provide medical care and reach out to remote village communities.

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Wukwashi wa NzambiMedical and Community Support

Changing the lives of disabled children

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Chavuma Hospital - Support for Patients

A look at some of the ways the hospital offers support to its community.

Baby at chavuma
Chavuma Hospital - Maternal Care

A look at the maternal care offered through this rural mission hospital in Zambia.

Nyangombe - Conference 2023

A look into the conferences held at Nyangombe to encourage churches from different districts.

Chitokoloki - Influence in local community

A look at the way the hospital acts as a hub of support to the local community.

Stuart Ferguson at Chit
Chitokoloki - Medical Marathons

The team share about medical marathons run at the hospital to make the most of the time of visiting specialist medics.

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Chitokoloki - Gospel Outreach

The team share about the opportunities opened up at the hospital for sharing the gospel with patients.

Chitokoloki - Houlden Visit

Emma Houlden shares about her time serving at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambia this year.

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Life at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital

The latest update from the Fergusons giving a taste of what life is like to serve at a mission hospital in Zambia.

Chit JR
Prayer Needs from Chitokoloki

The latest update from Julie-Rachel about what has been happening at Chitokoloki Hospital and what we can be praying for.

Julie Rachel
Update from Chitokoloki

The latest newsletter from Julie-Rachel concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia and how Chitokoloki hospital need our prayers.

Sharing the gospel
Gospel opportunities

Sharing the good news with patients

Remaining Faithful During a Pandemic

Felix Chibwe, who is currently doing his final year of research at Chitokoloki Hospital, has been able to use his skills during the pandemic.

Wukwashi sign
Wukwashi wa Nzambi

A look into the medical and educational work being run through this centre in Zambia.

The Challenge and the Blessings

A greater look into the work at Chavuma Hospital.

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Life at Chitokoloki

Dr David McAdam relays stories of just a few of the people that have been helped by the ministry of the doctors and nurses at Chitokoloki.

Felix edited 1
God's calling to be a doctor

The story of how God has been working in the life of Felix Chibwe in Zambia