Related Projects

Accomplish Children’s TrustEducation

Providing children with necessary tools for education to give them a place in society

ChildAidCommunity Support

Caring for disadvantaged children in an area facing great poverty.

Le pelican
Le PélicanCommunity Support

Le Pélican is working to provide education opportunities to the deaf children in the community.

Man signing
Lubumbashi Deaf SchoolsEducation Opportunities

Giving opportunities to this marginalised group.

Lunga Childrens TrustOrphan Support

Caring for young orphaned children.

Renewed hope
Renewed Hope Children's VillageCommunity Support

Caring for orphans and disadvantaged children.

RICD Wheelchair ProjectMedical Aid

Providing wheelchairs and other mobility aids for those in need

RunaperuMedical Support

Providing physiotherapy support for the disabled.

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Somos NosCommunity Outreach

Serving those in the community with disabilities and getting them involved in the local church.

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Special Children's TrustMedical Support

Providing support to families of disabled children.

Vision for china
Vision for ChinaEducation

Providing training in numerous areas for disabled children

6 road sign
Wukwashi wa NzambiMedical and Community Support

Changing the lives of disabled children

Related Stories

Image 8a
Somos Nos - Prayer for the future

Prayer points for the team as the work continues to expand.

Somos nos
Somos Nos - The Team

A look at some of the members of the Somos Nos team.

Amelia Helping Hands
Somos Nos - Gospel Opportunities

This blog post shares some wonderful opportunities of sharing the gospel with people.

20200313 103654 S
Somos Nos - Impact

An overview of the impact the team have had over the past year.

Stronger Together - Mentoring

A look into the work involved in inspiring young people to get involved in working with those living with a disability.

Stronger together 2 2
Stronger Together - Collaborating

Read of how the project ran its first event alongside a church to offer to support to those who attended.

20160504 063
Stronger Together - Adapting

A look into how churches are adapting to make their buildings more accommodating for those living with a disability.

RICD team
Stronger Together - Equipping

A look into how the Stronger Together/RICD team are equipping national believers to support those living with a disability.

Blind pupils at St Agnes 2019a
Accomplish - Ongoing challenges

A look at the impact the past few years have had on the work of RAPCD schools.

Jeremiah 2020a
Accomplish - RAPCD & Changing Lives

A look into how lives of deaf and blind children have been changed through the work of RAPCD schools.

Solanje 3
Accomplish - RAPCD & Bible Teaching

RAPCD schools not only provide an education, but also provide students with an understanding of the Bible.

2 RAPCD Braille 02 12a
Accomplish - The start of RAPCD schools

A look into how RAPCD schools for blind and deaf children started in Africa.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Future Challenges

A look at the year ahead and challenges currently facing the Vision for Bangladesh team.

DSC 0914
Vision for Bangladesh - Camps

We hear how the team have been supporting the Tea Garden communities over the past year and how they offer support.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Current Challenges

The team share about the current challenges they face, and how we can be praying.

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Vision for Bangladesh - Beginnings

A look into how the work of Vision Bangladesh started and the impact it has had.

Little lighthouse
ChildAid - Little Lighthouse Project

A look into the rehabilitation work done with disabled children through the Little Lighthouse project.

Giving thanks for the food GO
Vision for China - Green Olive Home

The team share some updates about Green Olive Home and opportunities for community support.

Biblestudy GO a
Vision for China - Warriors House

The team share some prayer requests from the Warriors House project.

LY well of Lovea
Vision for China - Well of Love

The team share about creating opportunities to integrate those living with a disability into community life.

Thumbnail laughing
Vision for China - HZ Agape

Some prayer requests from the HZ Agape project.

Thumbnail 20191010 143720
Vision for China - Well of Love

We find out how the Well of Love project was established to support families with disabled children.

Accomplish togetherness children
Accomplish - Challenges and requests for prayer

Our month of focusing on Accomplish finishes with challenges and items to be praying for as the project looks to the future.

Heart of Mercy Nina
Accomplish - A visit with the Heart of Mercy Team

The team share a testimonial from Julian Watson who was able to do some visits with the Heart of Mercy team.

Accomplish wheelchair
Accomplish - Access to Wheelchairs

The team share the need for wheelchairs and the impact it can make in a child's life.

Helping Hands introduces Maria...

A look into the life of Maria who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Onique...

A look into the life of Onique who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Manuel...

A look into the life of Manuel who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Rosa...

A look into the life of Rosa who was supported by the Helping Hands team.

Helping Hands 1a
Helping Hands meets Amy*

A wonderful testimony of the work Helping Hands are doing in Mozambique to support children with disabilities.

DSC 0350 2015 10 06 04 51 41 UT Ca
From Sibling to Parent

A very real and honest account from Jasmine Tell of RICD, Thailand, about her experience of disability in her family and how it has impacted her life.

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Supporting a Region in Terror - Nigeria

Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) share heartbreaking news of the effects of violence in Nigeria, leaving many children homeless.

IMG 20200320 131331 7
Against All Odds

A look into the work of Accomplish Children's Trust who are reaching blind and deaf children in various regions of Africa.

Wukwashi sign
Wukwashi wa Nzambi

A look into the medical and educational work being run through this centre in Zambia.

Nepal children 2
Bringing care to remote communities in Nepal

The growth of a project started by the organisation Stand by Me.

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Special Children's Trust

Reaching out to the disabled in Uganda.