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Katie Lucy
Katie & Lucy's medical elective

A look into how Katie and Lucy got on with their time serving with Missions Africa in Kenya.

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Chavuma Hospital - Support for Patients

A look at some of the ways the hospital offers support to its community.

Baby at chavuma
Chavuma Hospital - Maternal Care

A look at the maternal care offered through this rural mission hospital in Zambia.

Nyangombe - Conference 2023

A look into the conferences held at Nyangombe to encourage churches from different districts.

Chitokoloki - Influence in local community

A look at the way the hospital acts as a hub of support to the local community.

Stuart Ferguson at Chit
Chitokoloki - Medical Marathons

The team share about medical marathons run at the hospital to make the most of the time of visiting specialist medics.

DOSB1039 2
Chitokoloki - Gospel Outreach

The team share about the opportunities opened up at the hospital for sharing the gospel with patients.

Chitokoloki - Houlden Visit

Emma Houlden shares about her time serving at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambia this year.

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Somos Nos - Prayer for the future

Prayer points for the team as the work continues to expand.

Medical Elective - Tristan

Find out how Tristan got on during his medical elective in Tanzania.

Somos nos
Somos Nos - The Team

A look at some of the members of the Somos Nos team.

Amelia Helping Hands
Somos Nos - Gospel Opportunities

This blog post shares some wonderful opportunities of sharing the gospel with people.

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Somos Nos - Impact

An overview of the impact the team have had over the past year.

Kagando Hospital - Prayer for the future

The team share prayer and praise items for the hospital.

Kagando Hospital - Rwenzori Women for Health

A look into the project the hospital run to reach women in the local area.

Kagando Hospital - Nutritional Support

A look into the work done through nutritional sessions and the baby room at the hospital.

Kagando 2
Kagando Hospital - Affordable Healthcare

A look at how the hospital are subsidising healthcare costs to give more of the community access to good quality healthcare.

Acet nigeria
ACET Nigeria - Better Parenting Training & Outreach

A look at how the team encourage parents as they raise their children in a wholesome environment.

ACET Nigeria staff member carrying out a HIV test in Nasarawa Statea
ACET Nigeria - HIV Community Outreach & Support

A look into the services the team offers in terms of education and HIV testing services.

Training 2
ACET Nigeria - Esteem Clubs

A look into the outreach done through Esteem clubs and the training they offer.

Acet hiv testing 2
ACET Nigeria - Recovering from the pandemic

A look at the way COVID has had a positive impact in building a relationship with the local government.

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Medical Electives - Caleb & Lucy

Caleb and Lucy have recently returned from Kenya after doing their medical elective with Africa Inland Mission.

Shining Star - Discipleship and Counselling

A look at how the team teach girls and women in their communities about God and offer counselling support.

Shining star
Shining Star - Business and Vocational Skills Training

A look into how the team allow women to leave the sex trade for good and live more independently in a healthy environment.

Shining Star peer educator training 2020
Shining Star - Peer education training and outreach

A look into the sustainable outreach programme of Shining Star in training girls to then educate their peers.

Shining star
Shining Star - Turning Lives Around

A look at the impact the team have had in bringing women out of the sex trade in Zimbabwe.

Blind pupils at St Agnes 2019a
Accomplish - Ongoing challenges

A look at the impact the past few years have had on the work of RAPCD schools.

Jeremiah 2020a
Accomplish - RAPCD & Changing Lives

A look into how lives of deaf and blind children have been changed through the work of RAPCD schools.

Solanje 3
Accomplish - RAPCD & Bible Teaching

RAPCD schools not only provide an education, but also provide students with an understanding of the Bible.

2 RAPCD Braille 02 12a
Accomplish - The start of RAPCD schools

A look into how RAPCD schools for blind and deaf children started in Africa.

Redemption Village - Hope Village

Janet shares about the work through Hope Village in skills development, and how the team caring for children are allowing them to go on to lead independent lives.

Malawi 3a
Redemption Village - God's Provision

Janet this week shares about provision for those the team are supporting and how God's hand was over the situation.

Redemption Village - Giving Hope

Janet shares some stories of those the team have been able to support who are facing very challenging circumstances.

IMG 20221004 WA0016
Redemption Village - Responding to the Floods January 2022

We begin by looking at the teams' response to the floods in Malawi earlier this year.

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Shining Star - Tackling gender-based violence

The team share about a very challenging topic and a sad reality for many girls and women.

Shining star men
Shining Star - Outreach to Men

The team share about their work with men in educating them about sexual health and treatment towards women.

Shining star
Shining Star - Skill Development

The team share about opportunities for teaching new skills to those looking to try and find new employment.

Shining Star peer educator training 2020
Shining Star - Peer Educators

The team give an update on the work being done through peer educators and the vast numbers of girls and women being reached through this method.

Clinic 2
We treat but God heals - Visit to Shelter of Hope

Grev had the privilege of visiting Ishmael & Molina Ochieng to see the work of Shelter of Hope. MMN have been supporting their ministry for 15 years so it was great to see the different aspects of their work and exciting to hear what God is doing the ministry.

Accomplish togetherness children
Accomplish - Challenges and requests for prayer

Our month of focusing on Accomplish finishes with challenges and items to be praying for as the project looks to the future.

Heart of Mercy Nina
Accomplish - A visit with the Heart of Mercy Team

The team share a testimonial from Julian Watson who was able to do some visits with the Heart of Mercy team.

Accomplish goat project
Accomplish - Sustainability Project

The team share about the projects they have developed to try and make communities live more independently.

Accomplish wheelchair
Accomplish - Access to Wheelchairs

The team share the need for wheelchairs and the impact it can make in a child's life.

Accomplish togetherness
Accomplish - Support for Disabled Children

We hear about the work Heart of Mercy are doing to support disabled children in the local community.

Helping Hands introduces Maria...

A look into the life of Maria who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Onique...

A look into the life of Onique who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Manuel...

A look into the life of Manuel who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Rosa...

A look into the life of Rosa who was supported by the Helping Hands team.

Life in Malawi

An update on the work in Malawi from Janet Stafford after her latest visit.

Helping Hands 1a
Helping Hands meets Amy*

A wonderful testimony of the work Helping Hands are doing in Mozambique to support children with disabilities.

FB IMG 1632073969031
Testimony from Gloria Mbewe

Gloria has now completed her studies and has become a qualified nurse, it has been a real joy to support her through this experience.

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Lifeline Malawi

An update from the team at Lifeline Malawi, the ongoing struggles of COVID and opportunities of sharing the gospel.

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Life at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital

The latest update from the Fergusons giving a taste of what life is like to serve at a mission hospital in Zambia.

IMG 8975
Shelter of Hope Medical Clinic

Find out more about the medical work of Shelter of Hope and the impact they have had over the past year.

Angola container 2
Angolan Literature Fund

An update from the ALF about the work they have been doing over the past year and ways we can be praying.

Microsoft Teams image 42
Shipments early 2021

Find out more about the projects we have been sending to overseas.

Shining Star peer educator training 2020
Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe

The latest update from ACET, showing how the Shining Star project has helped to remove women from the sex trade over the past year.

Chit JR
Prayer Needs from Chitokoloki

The latest update from Julie-Rachel about what has been happening at Chitokoloki Hospital and what we can be praying for.

Julie Rachel
Update from Chitokoloki

The latest newsletter from Julie-Rachel concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia and how Chitokoloki hospital need our prayers.

Sharing the gospel
Gospel opportunities

Sharing the good news with patients

Malawi schoolchildren
Lifeline Malawi

An update from the staff at Lifeline Malawi in preparing for COVID, new medical ventures and coping with difficult situations.

Global Conference 2020 delegates JPG sm
The Network of PRIME

An overview of who Partnerships in International Medical Education are, and how they are changing lives for Jesus around the world.

Ninno jackjr CG6 Gd QIOY unsplash
Mission work in Angola

An honest look into the lives of mission workers Brian & Debbie Howden, serving in Angola.

Blog Zimbabwe
Provision for those in need

Roger Prime from Zimbabwe Partnership Trust gives an insight into the work they're doing in the local communities to provide healthcare to those in need.

Karsten winegeart urbse Z Kk XLY unsplash
acet Nigeria

Find out how the team have responded to COVID-19 in very creative ways to support the local community through this pandemic.

Thumbnail image004
Lifeline Malawi during COVID-19

An update from Lifeline Malawi concerning the challenges they are currently facing.

Children ward
Floods hit Kisiizi Hospital

Please pray for the hospital as it clears up after being flooded

Hospital construction
Christian Faith Hospital

New hospital going up to help the local community

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Supporting a Region in Terror - Nigeria

Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) share heartbreaking news of the effects of violence in Nigeria, leaving many children homeless.

Faith That Can Move Mountains

Christian Faith Ministries (CFM) Nigeria share testimonies from those who found Jesus despite the oppressive circumstances they found themselves in.

Remaining Faithful During a Pandemic

Felix Chibwe, who is currently doing his final year of research at Chitokoloki Hospital, has been able to use his skills during the pandemic.

Help 4

Life in a Mission Hospital, Dem. Rep. of Congo, by Mary Ratter

Selling juice
A Second Chance

The Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe, reach out to women involved in the sex trade and offer them the opportunity to turn their life around.

IMG 20200320 131331 7
Against All Odds

A look into the work of Accomplish Children's Trust who are reaching blind and deaf children in various regions of Africa.

How Covid-19 has affected Uganda

An update from Kisiizi Hospital after preparations were put in place to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Matthew cant
A Reflection on Medical Mission

Matthew Cant, a medical student, shares his experience of working at a mission hospital.

Support team
Serving the Poor

A look into the work of New Foundations based in the Niger Delta.

Wukwashi sign
Wukwashi wa Nzambi

A look into the medical and educational work being run through this centre in Zambia.

The Challenge and the Blessings

A greater look into the work at Chavuma Hospital.

What am I doing?

Reflections on Grev Parmenter's medical outreach trip to Sierra Leone.

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Special Children's Trust

Reaching out to the disabled in Uganda.

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Life at Chitokoloki

Dr David McAdam relays stories of just a few of the people that have been helped by the ministry of the doctors and nurses at Chitokoloki.

Orphan lads with sacks of clothes etc
God's perfect timing

Here Janet Stafford describes how the delay in containers reaching Malawi worked out for the best.

Ch Eloi and Janette 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Continuing the work in Chad

Insight from Dawn Elliot into the work being carried out in Chad.

Felix edited 1
God's calling to be a doctor

The story of how God has been working in the life of Felix Chibwe in Zambia

School edited 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Camundambala Primary School

Read about the new school building opening opportunities for local children.

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Doctor in training

Read about a student doctor we are helping from Chad.