Related Projects

Med equipment
ABC FoundationMedical Centre

Seeking to provide medical care that is of good quality and affordable to all who need it.

Bethesda Hospital, CotonouMission Hospital

Improving opportunities for blind people in the area by providing medical support.

Chavuma HospitalMission Hospital

A small hospital to serve many in the local area.

Chitokoloki HospitalMission Hospital

Serving both locals and those who travel from all areas of Zambia for medical assistance.

Christian Faith MinistriesCommunity Support

Restoring relationships in whatever ways necessary.

Dipalata HospitalMission Hospital

Serving the rural community of the Lunda people in the provision of healthcare.

Emanuel ClinicMedical Care

Providing medical help to those who cannot afford it. Our support is channelled through Breadline Moldova.

Fultang FoundationMission Hospital

Providing medical care to the local population at an affordable price and educating the community.

HEAL AfricaMedical Support

HEAL provide hospital and community medical care to the local area and we support them through our partnership with WorldShare.

Kagando HospitalMission Hospital

Improving the lives of the poor and disadvantaged people in this district.

Kalene HospitalMission Hospital

With a rich history, this hospital has grown over time and continues to serve patients in the area

Kasaji HospitalMission Hospital

Kasaji Hospital is a Christian hospital set up to serve the local community

Katoka HospitalMission Hospital

Katoka Hospital meets a real need in providing general, maternity, and paediatric services, saving lives in the process

Kisiizi HospitalMission Hospital

Providing constant help over the years despite adversity.

Kunhar Christian HospitalMedical Support

Providing healthcare and support for a rural community.

Lifeline MalawiMedical Centre

Combatting diseases such as HIV/AIDs and providing other medical care while sharing the gospel

Lok ClinicHIV/AIDs Healthcare and Support

Focusing on HIV/AIDs healthcare in one of the large slum areas of Thane. Our support is channelled through Shared Hope.

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Loloma HospitalMission Hospital

Providing healthcare to the local community

Luena ClinicMedical Mission

Offering medical support to those in the local area.

Mambilima MissionMission School

From small beginnings and a great history, numerous children now receive an education.

Midev 2
MIDEVMedical Support

Supporting the local community with health care provision

Baby hand
Multan Medical Clinic & Training CentreCommunity Healthcare

Providing midwifery care to the local community. Our support is given through Shared Hope.

Musenga 2
Musenga MissionMedical Support

Offering medical attention and resources to those in need.

New foundations
New FoundationsMedical Support

With so many people needing medical attention, shipments of equipment is vital.

New hope 2
New Hope ClinicCommunity Support

A new clinic has been built to reduce infant and neonatal mortality and reduce malnutrition

Nyangombe clinic
Nyangombe MissionCommunity Support

Providing medical and educational support to those in this rural setting.

SachibonduMedical Support

Provide medical care and reach out to remote village communities.

Shelter of HopeCommunity Support

Support for orphans and vulnerable children by providing spiritual nourishment, education and sustainability

Hospital bed
St Luke’s HospitalMission Hospital

A hospital largely run by Christians to share the love of Christ through medical care

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How Covid-19 has affected Uganda

An update from Kisiizi Hospital after preparations were put in place to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Matthew cant
A Reflection on Medical Mission

Matthew Cant, a medical student, shares his experience of working at a mission hospital.

Support team
Serving the Poor

A look into the work of New Foundations based in the Niger Delta.

The Challenge and the Blessings

A greater look into the work at Chavuma Hospital.

Transforming Lives Today

Read how Sozos and Des Sozou serve the underprivileged in India through medical care.

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Life at Chitokoloki

Dr David McAdam relays stories of just a few of the people that have been helped by the ministry of the doctors and nurses at Chitokoloki.