Related Projects

Aurora Christian AssociationMedical Support

Supporting the poor and marginalised to help gain access to healthcare

AvailMedical Support

Relieves and prevents the suffering of patients and their families who are affected by life threatening illnesses

Cambodia action
Cambodia ActionPrison Outreach

Providing care for prisoners in the local prison through a medical clinic.

Cmi fire service
Christian Mission International Aid (CMIAid)Medical Care

Using a building to offer medical care, support and an escape for a community recovering from communist rule.

Downs batallion
Downs Batallion Boys BrigadeFundraising & Training

The Boys’ Brigade seek to establish educational and medical centres in Uganda

Emanuel ClinicMedical Care

Providing medical help to those who cannot afford it. Our support is channelled through Breadline Moldova.

Experimental Christian Ministries Development (ECM)Medical Outreach

Providing healthcare and education to a seriously damaged health system

Friendship church
Friendship ChurchMedical Care

Providing medical care and support to those who are disabled. Our support is sent through European Partners in Christ.

Global AwareCommunity Support

Offering a safe place to children who live in a poverty-stricken area with growing danger

Jenny Gooding
Mission LukeMedical Care

Medical care and support for those who have no money to pay for medical attention.

Pregnant woman
Mother's Heart OrganisationSupport for Young Mothers

Improving maternal and child emotional, physical, mental and social well-being among single women/girls with crisis pregnancies in Cambodia.

Shining star
Nehemiah Project (Shining Star)HIV/AIDs Support

Transforming the lives of women who are involved in the sex trade in Bulawayo.

Nepal Leprosy TrustMedical Support

Supporting and educating marginalised groups to improve their health and community living

New foundations
New FoundationsMedical Support

With so many people needing medical attention, shipments of equipment is vital.

New hope 2
New Hope ClinicCommunity Support

A new clinic has been built to reduce infant and neonatal mortality and reduce malnutrition

PRIMEMedical Support

Giving access to medical care and support for minority groups

Redemption VillageBible Teaching Ministries and Medical Support

They are involved in supporting the blind, orphans, the widows and the very poor people in the villages and mountain areas.

Shelter of HopeCommunity Support

Support for orphans and vulnerable children by providing spiritual nourishment, education and sustainability

Tlt camp
Transforming Lives TodayCommunity Health

Transforming the lives of vulnerable children and people groups through education, medication and community development

Mamony vision testing 2
Vision for BangladeshMedical Mission

Providing medical care and support to improve people's sight in the poorer areas of Bangladesh.

Ywam cambodia
YWAM CambodiaCommunity Development

Based on a philosophy of Christian holistic development

Blog Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Partnership TrustCommunity Support

Working to create sustainability in Zimbabwe communities and help the church long-term through training and support.

Related Stories

Nyangombe - Conference 2023

A look into the conferences held at Nyangombe to encourage churches from different districts.

Acet nigeria
ACET Nigeria - Better Parenting Training & Outreach

A look at how the team encourage parents as they raise their children in a wholesome environment.

ACET Nigeria staff member carrying out a HIV test in Nasarawa Statea
ACET Nigeria - HIV Community Outreach & Support

A look into the services the team offers in terms of education and HIV testing services.

Training 2
ACET Nigeria - Esteem Clubs

A look into the outreach done through Esteem clubs and the training they offer.

Acet hiv testing 2
ACET Nigeria - Recovering from the pandemic

A look at the way COVID has had a positive impact in building a relationship with the local government.

Shining Star - Discipleship and Counselling

A look at how the team teach girls and women in their communities about God and offer counselling support.

Shining star
Shining Star - Business and Vocational Skills Training

A look into how the team allow women to leave the sex trade for good and live more independently in a healthy environment.

Shining star
Shining Star - Turning Lives Around

A look at the impact the team have had in bringing women out of the sex trade in Zimbabwe.

Whats App Image 2023 01 18 at 5 51 13 P Ma
Transforming Lives Today - Prayer for the year ahead

The team summarise their prayer needs for the coming year.

IMG 9056a
Transforming Lives Today - Saving Lives

The team discuss how they provide healthcare to communities who would otherwise have no access to health provision.

Distributing medicine
Transforming Lives Today - Medical Supply

A huge issue for poorer communities in India is access to medicine - the TLT team talk about their provision of medical supplies and examinations.

Tlt camp
Transforming Lives Today - Medical Camps

A look into the work of Transforming Lives Today and their support towards poor communities in India by running medical camps.

Redemption Village - Hope Village

Janet shares about the work through Hope Village in skills development, and how the team caring for children are allowing them to go on to lead independent lives.

Malawi 3a
Redemption Village - God's Provision

Janet this week shares about provision for those the team are supporting and how God's hand was over the situation.

Redemption Village - Giving Hope

Janet shares some stories of those the team have been able to support who are facing very challenging circumstances.

Shining star
Shining Star - Skill Development

The team share about opportunities for teaching new skills to those looking to try and find new employment.

Clinic 2
We treat but God heals - Visit to Shelter of Hope

Grev had the privilege of visiting Ishmael & Molina Ochieng to see the work of Shelter of Hope. MMN have been supporting their ministry for 15 years so it was great to see the different aspects of their work and exciting to hear what God is doing the ministry.

Accomplish togetherness children
Accomplish - Challenges and requests for prayer

Our month of focusing on Accomplish finishes with challenges and items to be praying for as the project looks to the future.

Heart of Mercy Nina
Accomplish - A visit with the Heart of Mercy Team

The team share a testimonial from Julian Watson who was able to do some visits with the Heart of Mercy team.

Accomplish goat project
Accomplish - Sustainability Project

The team share about the projects they have developed to try and make communities live more independently.

Accomplish togetherness
Accomplish - Support for Disabled Children

We hear about the work Heart of Mercy are doing to support disabled children in the local community.

Dancu bakery
Breadline - Dancu Village supports Ukrainian refugees

The team share about the work being done to support Ukrainian refugees and make them part of their community.

Emanuel refugee
Breadline - Emanuel Clinic supports Ukrainian refugees

A look into the work of Emanuel Clinic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

David sinclair Jrzz1tymfgc unsplasha
Breadline - Opportunities to share the Gospel

The team at Dancu Village share about ways they have been able to share the gospel with those in the community.

Artis kancs 9g Ci Hbq A0 U unsplasha
Breadline - Provision when needed

The team share of a couple who desperately needed support with the cost of healthcare.

IMG 8128a
Vision for Bangladesh - The Future

The team discuss potential changes for the future and areas for prayer.

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Vision for Bangladesh - A Desperate Need

The team discuss the vital need for eyecare in Bangladesh as so many face potential blindness if conditions go untreated.

IMG 8021a
Vision for Bangladesh - Care for children

Insight into the work the team do to care for children who are malnourished and assess their eye needs.

IMG 8149 2a
Vision for Bangladesh - Insight into Assessments

An introduction to the teams work assessing eyesight of those living in the Tea Gardens of Bangladesh.

Andrew moca y AG Nj U4rtss unsplash
MHO support towards D*

MHO explain how they work in unison with other organisations to try and offer the best support to those in need.

Aleksandar popovski a GVZ4 Mfjj RI unsplash
MHO and re-integration for families

In this update the team talk about their work re-integrating mothers with their families to provide long-term support.

Guillaume de germain fgm LR Bl U Ipc unsplasha
MHO and the challenges of fostering

The team discuss the current issues they are facing regarding fostering.

Kay lau vvg Soo6fv XM unsplasha
MHO facing the challenges of COVID

The team report on the challenges that have been caused by the pandemic.

Tanaphong toochinda 9x3j Gcu3q Q0 unsplasha
Mother's Heart Organisation introduces L*

A look into the sort of support work MHO offer to women in Cambodia.

Helping Hands introduces Maria...

A look into the life of Maria who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Onique...

A look into the life of Onique who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Manuel...

A look into the life of Manuel who was supported by Helping Hands.

Helping Hands introduces Rosa...

A look into the life of Rosa who was supported by the Helping Hands team.

Nepal Leprosy Trust

An update from the NLT team as they reflect on the past 50 years of service in Nepal.

Life in Malawi

An update on the work in Malawi from Janet Stafford after her latest visit.

Helping Hands 1a
Helping Hands meets Amy*

A wonderful testimony of the work Helping Hands are doing in Mozambique to support children with disabilities.

Nepal covid
COVID in Nepal

An update from Nepal Leprosy Trust concerning the situation with COVID-19.

Thumbnail FB IMG 1587976213976 Copy
Lifeline Malawi

An update from the team at Lifeline Malawi, the ongoing struggles of COVID and opportunities of sharing the gospel.

Angola container 2
Angolan Literature Fund

An update from the ALF about the work they have been doing over the past year and ways we can be praying.

Shining Star peer educator training 2020
Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe

The latest update from ACET, showing how the Shining Star project has helped to remove women from the sex trade over the past year.

1st TG Church
Making Darkness into Light

A look into the work of Vision for Bangladesh, who support those living in extremely poor situations who require eye treatment.

Malawi schoolchildren
Lifeline Malawi

An update from the staff at Lifeline Malawi in preparing for COVID, new medical ventures and coping with difficult situations.

Ninno jackjr CG6 Gd QIOY unsplash
Mission work in Angola

An honest look into the lives of mission workers Brian & Debbie Howden, serving in Angola.

Thumbnail outside
Giving Back Hope

A look into the work of Vision for China who offer support to marginalised groups of society in a variety of different ways.

Blog Zimbabwe
Provision for those in need

Roger Prime from Zimbabwe Partnership Trust gives an insight into the work they're doing in the local communities to provide healthcare to those in need.

Thumbnail Client photo Marina and baby
Turning Lives Around

One story of a woman's life who has been changed thanks to the work of Mother's Heart Organisation, Cambodia.

Clinic for blind
Helping the blind

Emanuel Clinic are looking for ways to support the most needy during the pandemic

Karsten winegeart urbse Z Kk XLY unsplash
acet Nigeria

Find out how the team have responded to COVID-19 in very creative ways to support the local community through this pandemic.

Thumbnail Children Sunrise project
Cambodia During a Pandemic

Read more about the work of Cambodia Action and how they have continued to support people during COVID-19.

Thumbnail image004
Lifeline Malawi during COVID-19

An update from Lifeline Malawi concerning the challenges they are currently facing.

Selling juice
A Second Chance

The Shining Star Project, Zimbabwe, reach out to women involved in the sex trade and offer them the opportunity to turn their life around.

Support team
Serving the Poor

A look into the work of New Foundations based in the Niger Delta.

Transforming Lives Today

Read how Sozos and Des Sozou serve the underprivileged in India through medical care.

What am I doing?

Reflections on Grev Parmenter's medical outreach trip to Sierra Leone.

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Open doors in Moldova

CMIAid highlight the opportunities God is opening up to share the gospel in this needy country.

P1000643 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Life at Chitokoloki

Dr David McAdam relays stories of just a few of the people that have been helped by the ministry of the doctors and nurses at Chitokoloki.

IMG 6725 edited
Visit to Vulcan

Report from Dr Christine Sansom of a trip to help the work of Aurora Christian Association in Romania.

Orphan lads with sacks of clothes etc
God's perfect timing

Here Janet Stafford describes how the delay in containers reaching Malawi worked out for the best.

Ch Eloi and Janette 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Continuing the work in Chad

Insight from Dawn Elliot into the work being carried out in Chad.

School edited 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Camundambala Primary School

Read about the new school building opening opportunities for local children.

08 Tuzla refugee 57458a9991d7d4dc1badfa5fa3784f04
Reaching out to refugees

See how a church in Bosnia is seeking to support the refugees in their community as part of their outreach work.